“Avoid any dude with “feminist” in his profile. If he has to say it, he probably isn’t one.”

On July 11th our monthly show at Gladstone Hotel will be hosted by the extremely talented, funny, and all around goddess, Anasimone George. I always love reading Anasimone’s social media posts (follow her on twitter @idonutcare) where she is actively taking a stance and voicing her opinions AKA she does not give a f*ck what you think!

Politically fueled with the rage of a thousand suns, Anasimone takes on various stages throughout the city. Her favourite stage is the Rivoli where she gets to host her monthly sold out show, SHADE, a show that proudly showcases comedians of colour, comedians from the LGBTQ+ community, and those who identify as women. Aside from hosting and producing, Anasimone has also opened for Baron Vaughn (Netflix, Comedy Central), Aparna Nancherla (HBO, Netflix, Comedy Central), and Ryan Dillon (Just for Laughs). Besides all that she’s 5’3, a Scorpio, and will bite if you get too close.


How long have you been online dating and on what apps/sites?

On and off between relationships/when I’m drunk/ so a few years. Not currently on it.

How would you describe your overall experience with online dating?

It’s hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

What keeps you going back?

My Ego.

Are there some traits you find unique to specific apps? For example “Tinder is for hookups”?

Not anymore, I realized they all kind of became the same. Tinder is definitely a mix, but mainly people hungry for hook ups. I found that bumble was a bit more focused on relationships, but they’re probably all trash now.

Have you met someone online that you have had a successful relationship with? Romantic or friendship?

I’ve been seeing someone for over a year now that I met on Bumble, and I made a friend of tinder.

What do you HATE about online dating? What is something you wish you could say to the people who are the reason you hate online dating (only if applicable)?

The one thing that REALLY erks me is when other people of colour ask me where I come from/what I’m “mixed” with, as if I can’t just be 100% goddess.

What do you LOVE about online dating?

My ego being inflated.

What should people avoid when online dating?

Any dude with “feminist” in his profile, because if he has to say it, he probably isn’t one. Fishing/Camping pics, pics where you’re one of ten people and I have no idea which one you are, basically all men. People who say they’re not interested in PC culture, they’re probably racist. Any person with 70 emojis for every sentence – relax.

What are you looking for online?

I honestly have no idea, but I got great material.

What does your current dating profile read?

Don’t have one at the moment, but if I did it would probably say “I already know you’re going to disappoint me”.\

Summarize your most memorable date for us?

I was trying my hardest to try and get Beyonce tickets, she’s my queen after all, but I was a broke ass student working two jobs and there was no way in hell I could afford a ticket.
I got so desperate that I even tried to trade some of my own large scale paintings on Bunz, and got no bites.
The guy I’m seeing called me the day before her concert and said “Cancel work tomorrow, we’re seeing Beyonce.”
At that very moment I thought it was a prank so I immediately responded with “are you joking?”
He said “This would be a really mean joke, why would I do that?”
I don’t know? Because I
I’m easy to prank?
Fast forward the next day, I’ve picked my outfit for my Queen, he picks me up, we head downtown, and I’m still thinking this is a prank.
Up until we passed the Rogers Centre gates, I was thinking “holy fuck I’m about to see Beyonce”
Hands down best date of my entire life. The only way this date could be topped is if someone took me to meet the Queen (Beyonce) herself.
The only thing I’ve taken from this date is that I now have higher standards for dating. If you ain’t takin’ me to see my queen, don’t slide in the DM’s.

Catch more of Anasimone on July 11th at Tinder Tales Live at Gladstone Hotel or at her show SHADE on July 27th at the Rivoli Toronto.


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