Dick pics, shower shits, Doritos, and someone named Malery?

On July 15th, Tinder Tales took on the Gladstone. The room was packed and the line up once again, did not disappoint. I had to find a replacement host at the last minute (literally the day of) and Dave Keystone killed it (unlike his Tinder game). Dave even Tindered during the show and brought it on stage for audience advice…which we want more of…perhaps on a projector screen? We’re working on it…

Chad Gibson reminded us of what dating was like before the app…making your “moments” and dick pics seem even creepier than they already are. Che’s Tinder date took a shit in his shower and used his ONLY TOWEL to clean it up. Amanda Day from the Date Fail podcast, reflected on the highs and lows of being stoned on a date (Larry David did not make an appearance in this one). Dave Keystone shared Malery’s Instagram account with the crowd…Malery doesn’t have to be embarrassed though. She has a bangin’ bod. I’m pretty sure he was just bragging. And finally, our girl Christina Walkinshaw topped the night off with another threesome-esque story involving Blue Steel and of course…nachos.

Check out the recap below!

Next show is August 12th. Click here for details.

Looking for Storytellers

We are currently looking for storytellers for our upcoming Tinder Tales shows. If you or someone you know, has a great Tinder or onling dating story (or several), we want to hear it! Email us at tindertaleslive@gmail.com. Also, check out our most recent photos and videos from the Tinder Tales Launch. It’s hard to believe people this good looking are having a rough go on Tinder, right?

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